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MuddRuckers has been providing our innovative concrete lifting and leveling services in Manitoba for over 25 years. We provide an environmentally friendly solution to concrete restoration problems that save our customers time and money.

Providing the best solution for our customer's needs is our top priority. We respond to or will provide a comprehensive evaluation of those needs and then recommend the services required to address those needs. If the services we provide are the best solution we will provide a fixed price quotation inclusive of our job performance guarantee and warranty.

MuddRuckers has established itself as the premier provider of concrete lifting and leveling services in Manitoba. We are a locally owned and family operated business that has been serving the province of Manitoba and beyond for over 25 years. We are proud that our ownership, sales, administrative and production teams all have a long experience with the company and share our core commitment to customer service.

Management team

Matt Stephens, Managing Director MBA, is a former farmer and banker but an entrepreneur at heart. With a wide background in various industries, he is always searching for improvements and how to add value for employees, customers and other stakeholders. As a transplanted Manitoban, Matt thanks his wife Janine for bringing him to this great province where they are raising their twin daughters. He is also overseeing our sister company Clean Sweep Manitoba.

Anthony Knapp, General Manager drives the day-to-day operation of the company. He came back to MuddRuckers in a full-time role, after spending summers while in school on a production crew. He worked in the hockey and sports industry for over 10 years before returning to MuddRuckers in 2015. Anthony has a young family and is an avid sports fan.

Other Members of our Administrative and Sales Team

Shawn Vidal, Marketing, Sales and Safety is in charge of our safety program and is heavily involved in the areas of customer service and sales. Shawn has been involved with the company since 2002 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Shawn’s passions include his young family, the Jets, the music industry and his beer league hockey team. Ask him about his broths!

Dave Knapp, Sales has been with MuddRuckers since 2015. He enjoys meeting with customers and recommending solutions to their needs. He is deeply committed to ensuring our corporate commitment to customer service is implemented at all levels of our operations. Dave and his wife Delight have 4 grandchildren they enjoy very much and are also very involved with charitable causes.

Jim Shwetz, IT Analyst has been with MuddRuckers since 2013. His skills and hard work have been integral at implementing new data management and online quoting systems which enable higher levels of responsiveness to our customer needs. Outside of work, Jim loves astronomy, movies and the outdoors.

Donna Reid, Sales Assistant has been with MuddRuckers since 2005. She is very often the first point of contact with our company. Her customer service skills and knowledge of the entire organization contribute immensely to the smooth working of our whole team. Outside of work, Donna and her husband Keith love travelling, camping and their beloved dog, Gus.

Our Production Teams

We are very fortunate to have many long term and highly experienced people as members of our production teams. They are the ones who are the real face of our company and who bring into reality the commitments of our sales team. Our team leaders have all been with us for 10 or more years. Most of the other team members have been assisting them in achieving their commitment to customer service for over 5 years.

Our Founders

Doug Cook He is a retired CPA, former business administrator and lifelong businessman. His skill, experience and entrepreneurial background were invaluable to the company’s success. Doug is very involved with charitable causes and their 7 grandchildren. Doug retired from MuddRuckers in 2023 to focus on a new venture called Urban Lumber but keeps tabs on MuddRuckers.

Dan Skibitzky with a background in construction and foundations, he was an entrepreneur involved in many business ventures. Dan conceived of the idea in the late 1980s and started developing the vision with Doug in the 1990s. Dan retired from MuddRuckers in 2015 to focus on his family.

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