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Our Process

MuddRuckers uses an all natural, permanent, crushed limestone slurry to restore your sunken concrete back to its original level. The process of lifting and supporting concrete in this way has traditionally been called mudjacking because originally (in the 1930’s) common mud was pumped under the concrete as the lifting agent. The limestone slurry now used exclusively by MuddRuckers has many advantages over both the traditional methods and the newer expanding foam options often advertised as an attempt to replicate our process.

How It Works:

The limestone slurry is pumped through small holes (1.375” diameter) drilled through the sections of concrete slab that need restoration. Because the slurry remains soft during the process is possible to first locate and fill voids under the slab and to then gently raise the slab in small incremental amounts by controlled injections as required to restore the concrete to the required level. 

This process also ensures complete coverage beneath the slab of the supporting limestone base which then dries, hardens and remains in place as a permanent support for the concrete above. Once the lift is completed the holes are patched with concrete.

Because the limestone injections are at low pressure and minutely controlled it is possible due to the hydraulic lift created to raise any concrete slab with exact accuracy, even those with heavy structures on them such as detached garages or slab-on-grade homes. This of course has given rise to many commercial applications in addition to the obvious residential applications.

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