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Infrastructure Rehabilitation (Centrifugally Cast Concrete Pipe - CCCP)

Since 2013 MuddRuckers has been the licensed applicator throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan for a relatively new technology utilized in the rehabilitation of failing culverts, storm sewers and other larger diameter pipe.

The rehabilitation process utilizes a centrifugally applied high strength, fiber reinforced concrete to reline the failing pipe. It was developed and widely used throughout the US and is known as CCCP (centrifugally cast concrete pipe). It offers a cost effective and long lasting (50+ years) option for corrugated steel pipe (CSP) and concrete pipe rehabilitation.

MuddRuckers was the first to use the process in Canada on a project commissioned by the Saskatchewan Department of Highways and Infrastructure. Since that time additional projects have been completed for them, as well as projects for CN Rail, Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation (MIT) and various municipalities.

All of those projects have been highly successful and MuddRuckers has gained valuable experience and expertise in this process in a wide variety of conditions and applications. We have also trained the applicators selected for licensing by the parent company (APM) in the BC and Ontario markets and have consulted with our sister organization in Alberta on projects done there.

Every application is specifically engineered for the specific requirements and conditions of that application. The product used is now licensed and produced in Canada (BC) to the exacting standards of APM. In addition to our local Manitoba licensed engineer we also have the benefit of the experience of, and consultation with, the APM team.

MIT is currently organizing a test project to be completed at the U of M engineering lab as a precursor to the formal adaptation of this technology for more widespread use in Manitoba. We are trained and equipped to respond to the increased utilization we believe this process deserves.

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