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Commercial Services

Even in the very early years of the company, MuddRuckers undertook various commercial projects and the applicability of our process to needs beyond the residential marketplace became obvious. The development of larger and more efficient equipment and our rapidly expanding experiences increased our capacity to handle ever more challenging and larger projects.

Although the process, staff and equipment used in residential applications are also used in most commercial applications the nature of the work and the contract conditions are often quite different. For example, we are a COR certified company with a heightened focus on safety and systems that largely grew out of increased work with construction companies, municipalities and property managers.

In addition to our own evaluation of site conditions and needs our work is now often conducted in response to engineering evaluations or bid requests. The growing recognition and acceptance of our process as the most efficient and effective (and sometimes the only) way of addressing failed concrete installations is resulting in a growing demand for our service in industrial, farm, municipal and construction applications.

We are proud of our many unique accomplishments that our process, experience and equipment have made possible. We are unique within the North American and possibly even the world marketplace of “mudjacking” due to a variety of factors. Our customized equipment, our limestone slurry product, our vast experience and our process uniqueness have all combined to provide to the Manitoba market a very special service at a very economical price.

Following is a listing of the types of “commercial” projects we have done in recent years. They serve as an example of what has been done and an indication of what can be done.

  • Warehouse and industrial sites (floors, ramps, loading docks, void fills)
  • Multi-family properties (garages, basement floors, driveways, patios, sidewalks, void fills)
  • Farm and rural (barns, grain bins, storage elevators, shops)
  • High rise buildings (underground parkades, basement floors, void fills)
  • Retail, professional and commercial shops and offices (strip malls and stand alone buildings)
  • Municipal streets, curbs and sidewalks
  • Airports (hangers and other specialty applications)

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